About Myles

Myles Robinson

4 December 1986 – 22 December 2009

Myles was a very tall man (6’ 5”), slim and athletic. His great passion in life was his love of sport and he played golf and water polo and loved skiing. He was very competent at all these sports and it was golf he was starting to devote most of his energies to. He had a handicap of 14 and would surely have been a single figure player within a couple of years. Myles was a member of The Berkshire Golf Club and Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club at Deal.

Myles loved his football and was an avid supporter of Chelsea Football Club; he would go to as many games as possible. He always managed to be near a TV when Chelsea games were being televised, even if it meant ‘non-believers’ had to tag along.

Myles clearly had a very wide circle of friends. The thousands of tributes to Myles on Facebook bear testament to his immense popularity and the friendship he so freely gave out.

Myles’ life was tragically cut short whilst on holiday in Wengen on 22 December 2009. The Wengen Story can be found on this website and gives as many details as is possible about the search for Myles and, ultimately, to finding his body.

Myles’ family and Partners Capital, the company he was about to start working for, have set up a trust in his name – The Myles Robinson Memorial Trust.


Sep 1991 – Jul 1995 – Squirrels (Pre-Prep School)
Sep 1995 – Jul 2000 – Ashdown House School (Preparatory School)
Sep 2000 – Jul 2005 – Charterhouse School
Sep 2005 – Sep 2006 – Gap Year
Sep 2006 – Jul 2009 – Newcastle University

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