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I did not no myles but a friend of his who was doing a bike ride in memory of him came in to the pub i work at and told me some of the story he was full of joy when he explained what myles was like as a person i recived one of his wrist bands and i would just like u to no that i will share this story with any one who asks about the wrist band rip myles robinson gone but never forgotten.
brian shine ( london ) 13/05/2011

Mylo mateeeee.. The soch boys and i went for a big ski for you on the 22nd and mens mondays are being reinforced out here…miss you loads. xxx
Moz ( Val d\’Isere ) 25/12/2010

Myloo… we had ‘my birthday thats not my birthday’ this weekend in abersoch! it just wasnt the same without you but we still giggled away and spent the day at the beachut just like we always do…hoping for the sun to come out. Hazzy and i were going to play hennis but we couldnt find whizzie so thought it would be best to save it for another time when whizzie can join in! i misssed you lots and lots mylo xx
Samps 31/08/2010

As a young person myself, I grieve for the fact your life was cut short. You believed, loved and achieved much more than many and for that you shall be remembered. Thank goodness you were here to share brightness with the world. I pray that your family may find some peace.
Laura ( Kent ) 14/05/2010

Myles was a great cousin although are times together were limited at least we got to speand them in his favourite place Wengen. Myles was very competitive and even more when we brought up the fact i beat him in the night time slalom ski race.In my maths lessons recently instead of writing miles i would write myles just to keep his memory with us,also carrots are FORBIDDEN in our house and chelsea will always be the best football team EVER!All round you couldnt ask for a better cousin.Forever in my thoughts.Taraxx
Tara Bell ( Taunton ) 20/04/2010

To lose a child is unimaginable. I am angry, I want to know why? My heart goes out to you, he was obviously very special. Siobhan
Siobhan Cunningham ( UK ) 22/03/2010

Myles what a pleasure it was to take care of you as a baby, you were a delight to look after, always smiling. I wish I could have met the poular, much loved young man you became. You will always hold a special place in my heart. xxxx
Shona Baker ( Medway ) 17/03/2010

Myles you really did make such a big impact on me the first time I met you – I remember telling Sophs how lucky she was to have such a gorgeous man and I’ll always remember your lovely smile. I wish I’d had the chance to get to know you better, I know how happy you made Sophs and how much everyone who knew you loved you. Lots of love from Hub xxx
Laura Hubbert ( Bristol ) 10/03/2010

Myles Robinson, Cara’s lovely brother, what can I say!.. Although I only met you about a year ago I already felt like I knew you so well through Cara. And, when we finally did meet, the fact that I felt you looked exactly like a mixture of your Dad and your Sister only added to that feeling of familiarity. In the short time I’ve spent with you at the Robinson household you’ve entertained me and welcomed me in, and I am privileged to have had that time with you… it is obvious why Cara also saw you as her best friend. I feel the family’s loss greatly. You shall be missed xx
Sarah Clements ( London ) 02/03/2010

Myles i am so sorry that i never got to meet you as an adult even though i feel i know you a little after reading all i have recently and seeing your handsome photos. you were the most gorgeous baby with dark spikey hair and i feel privileged to of looked after you when you were born. i will never forget you .my heart is with your mum and dad , cara and sophie xxxx
michele civil ( wales ) 07/02/2010

Myles, we shall miss your positive, vibrant outlook and warm personality. The Trust is a wonderful idea and tribute to you and we shall support it with great enthusiasm. Physically you may have left us but spiritually you will be with us all for ever. Our love to you and all your family.
The Nashers ( Taunton ) 03/02/2010

I have so many lovely memories that I will treasure, apart from the half way hut at Deal, it will be “Chasing Cars” because asking you over my mobile one day, I started humming a tune “what is this song?” – “you got it! – a miracle! – Thank you”. I hear it so often and always think of you. I love you always and you will never be forgotten, Auntie C xxx
Auntie C ( London ) 03/02/2010

Myles – I’m missing you so much – you have always been such fun to be with and you made Soph very very happy. I’ll never forget you and the times you spent with us have now become more special and memorable. With lots of love, Ruthie xxx
Ruthie Harral ( Cheshire ) 01/02/2010

Myles, thank you for all you did for us and your hard work. I am glad we spent some time together at the end. You will always be missed by us all at Planit. You will always be remembered every time i wait at the bar for a drink. With love to you Will & Di Bailey
Will & Di Bailey ( London ) 29/01/2010

Myles it was a pleasure and an honor to have known you! To have joined in with all the silliness in Newcastle! Your “UP 4 IT” attitude will live on as you inspired others to approach life with the same amazing energy! I’ll never forget the friendly, charming, funny guy with the cheeky smile! Not only were you a fantastic boyfriend to Soph but a great friend and I look back fondly on all our silly times together. I’ll always remember your words of wisdom but most of all…the happiness you brought to the lives of everyone who ever knew you. You’ll forever be in our hearts and in our memories. Love Adrianne xx
Adrianne Godfrey ( Cheshire / Newcastle ) 25/01/2010

mylo-pick-a-lo-pick-a-lo-mylo-mylo-pickalo-pickalo-yo!!!! mylo, i am going to miss you hugely, especially when we are searching for dolphins in abersoch, or when i fancy a quick game of hennis on the beach. i will play that game with haz eveery summer and giggle when i think of how seriously we took it at points. mylo, you were an amazing person to know and i am so so happy sophs brought you into my life. we’ll be looking after her for you. all my love, samps xxx
Emma Sampson ( Cheshire ) 25/01/2010

Robbo, It was a privilege to have been with you in both Hodgsonites and Newcastle. A true legend, you never failed to make me laugh, I will miss you hugely. All my love, x
George Peck ( Fulham and Newcastle ) 23/01/2010

Myles, it was a privilege to have known you! Thank you for making all the New Years we spent together so much fun!! Well as much fun as the shopping game could be. All my love Catriona xxxxxx
Catriona Stewart ( Balham ) 22/01/2010

Missing you so much already buddy, you were always such a great person to be around and have a laugh and a beer with. Slob, you will be forever missed, always in our thoughts and prayers. I am going to cherish all those hours we spent together destroying aspers with all my heart. Love Mike xxx
Michael 22/01/2010

Myles, you’ll be missed but will live on in the hearts of many not just as a great guy and friend but a as a legend in water-polo and the bars across more than just Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle Universities! Tour’s won’t be the same. x
Col Staunton ( Cheshire ) 22/01/2010

‘Mylo Mate’. You were an inspiration to all of us and will live on as a true example of a gentleman and a great friend. We will miss you terribly but will remember you always. All my love, ‘Laz Turner’ x x x p.s To the golf course we go….
Laura SJ ( Cheshire ) 22/01/2010

Graduation week. Both had got evicted from our houses. Little and large wandering the streets of Jesmond. Beers at 11AM. The Ashes. Street cricket in the sun. Unreal. We were joined at the hip….well my head came up to your hip. You will never be forgotten. EVER x
Jamie Holtum ( Newcastle ) 22/01/2010

Mylo, I feel privileged to have known you for nearly 3 very special years where you never failed to bring happiness and giggles. I will miss our bond but a game of spite and malice over a baccy eggy bap will keep it alive! Look after yourself silly, you’ll always be in my thoughts. All my love Yiyi xxxxx
Lily Harral 21/01/2010

Bro, this is just the start of what we know will become a fitting memory to the incredible person you are. We all miss you so much xxxxxxx
Cara Robinson 21/01/2010

Graham. You were a great friend to me, and one that I enjoyed so many amusing times with. The trip to Bordeaux will go down as some of the best days of my life. You were a dark horse though mate – who knew that so many people loved you!! You kept that quiet!Your memory will always be around me, I will hear you laugh when i regularly miss stupid putts. Thanks for the great times, there will be more somewhere, someday. I promise to keep you fresh in my thoughts until that time comes. xxxxxxx p.s. Kitty said…..
Will (aka Shaheen) ( Clapham and Newcastle ) 21/01/2010

Slob aka Graham Bunions, you were such a legend. I’m missing chatting rubbish with you all the time mate, I have so many good memories that I will never forget. RIP. Love Graham! x
Pritch 21/01/2010

I’m sorry I didn’t get to know you properly… but I promise I will look after sofz.. and I’ll make sure she does do you proud!
Georgia Sutcliffe ( Cheshire ) 21/01/2010

Dearest Darling Myles I shall never ever forget you and I’ll always love you. Mum xx
Sarah Robinson 21/01/2010

I’m going to make you so proud.. love you as always, your girl xx
Sophie Harral 21/01/2010

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