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The Myles Trust - Great North Run 2013

Great North Run 2013


The BUPA Great North Run is the world’s most popular half marathon. This year’s run took place on Sunday 15 September and the Newcastle University swimming and water polo teams took part on behalf of the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust.

The course covered 13.1 miles from Newcastle, going over the famous Tyne bridge, to the picturesque coastal finish in South Shields. Live music from ‘bands on the run’ kept runners motivated every step of the way.

Those taking part this year were:

Ralph Baker, Thomas Connolly, Florina Cormack-Loyd, Dan Cummings, Robert Deary, Graham Donald, Fraser Frost-Pennington, Michael Grantham, Rachel Lambert, Ed Neville, Gordon Pearson, Nicolae Revin, Lauren Wilson, Elizabeth Wright & Emily Yolland

Many thanks to Luke Watkins, who has been busy organising them all.

Donations to 13 October 2013

Thomas Connolly :  Total £70 : Dr Anne Connolly  £50.00,  Mr Keith Howard £20.00

Florina Cormack-Loyd : Total £20 : Miss Jessica Hambly £5.00, Miss Amy Banning £10.00,  Miss Hannah Atkins £5.00

Graham Donald : Total £65 : Mrs Kathleen Donald £25.00, Mr Donald Steel £10.00, Mr Slam Stevenson £10.00, Miss Annmarie Nicolson £20.00

Fraser Frost-Pennington : Total £55 : anonymous £55.00

Michael Grantham : Total £107 : Miss Niamh Semple £10.00, Mr Steven McIlroy £10.00, anonymous £87

Rachel Lambert : Total £45 : Miss Emer Pearson £10.00, Miss Alys Lambert £15.00,  Mr Timothy Grant £10.00, Miss Hannah Atkins £5.00, Miss Abigail Packham £5.00

Gordon Pearson :  Total £15 : Mrs Christine McIntyre £10.00, Miss Georgi Finnigan £5.00

Nicolae Revin :  Total £100: Mr Nicolae Revin £100.00

Lauren Wilson : Total £45 : Miss Alison Smith £20.00, Mr George Mack £5.00, Mr Jack Winter £20.00

Elizabeth Wright : Total £140 : Mr Andrew Urquhart £20.00, Mrs Jo Wright £30.00, Mr Peter Wright £30.00, Mr Simon Campbell £5.00, Mrs Connie Wright £25.00, Miss Mary Wright £20.00,  Ms Sally Gilman £10.00

Emily Yolland : Total £180 : Miss Daisy Doncaster £5.00,  Mrs Erica Jacobs £10.00, Mr Stephen Yolland £10.00, Mr Edward McWhirter £10.00, Mr Peter Collier £25.00, anonymous £110.00, Mr Stevyn Walder £10.00


Report by Luke Watkins :

Preparations for the Great North Run 2013 cumulated with a last supper the evening before the race. Past and present members of the Newcastle University Swimming and Water Polo Club came together with friends to dine on exotic eastern European meatballs and a delicately assembled cake of the distinguishable ‘Toon Army’ appearance. It was a perfect setting to discuss last minute tactics and manoeuvres for the race.

Though it was far too early to be getting out of bed for a Sunday morning, the atmosphere was refreshingly grey and damp. Perfect weather for water based athletes in skimpy skin tight attire. To ensure we began as a group, runners and supporters assembled on a grassy bank outside the aptly named ‘Exhibition Park’ before the race. Thousands were walking past towards the start line whilst the helicopters circled overhead. Despite all the public anticipation of witnessing a 13 mile glory procession of the three legends of Mo Farah, Haile Gebrselassi and Kenenisa Bekele, before the race was even underway all eyes were firmly on the runners from Newcastle University Swimming & Water Polo Club.

Despite everyone pretending they had done minimal training the group put in some top end performances, perhaps assisted by the onset of rain midway through the race which only aided the athletes’ acclimatisation to the north east conditions. Fraser ‘FFP’ Frost-Pennington excelled with his slipstreaming abilities. Ralph ‘Alf’ Baker also started strongly but hit his wall early on after being subdued by too many offers of jelly babies en route from the generous crowd of northerners that lined the streets. This gave Mike ‘Granny’ Grantham the space to surge ahead on his own to finish in 01 hr 37 mins 14 seconds. The girls were well represented this year by current members Florina, Becca, Rachel, Lauren and Emily. Old girl Lizzi returned in fine form and many ran through pain and injury to complete a race that has yielded an exceedingly high number of casualties in the past.

Celebrations continued into the evening where spirits were high as we were all seemingly ‘at one with the button’ in Spy Bar’s happy hour. This unison was the icing on the cake for what was truly a magnificent event.

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