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The Myles Trust - Jungfrau Marathon 2011

Jungfrau Marathon 2011


Well the mad fools have done it! Michael & Sarah (who surprisingly enjoyed being back in Wengen) travelled out to watch and support the runners. It’s one heck of a climb from Interlaken up to Kleine Scheidegg but they all completed the course. Will Wells was the star of the show and quite a bit faster than the others. He was followed by David Sandison, a friend of Michael & Liz Moore, who was there just for the occasion but not far behind. Joe Williamson, who was racing this year to raise money for the King’s Royal Hussars, was next but wasn’t in good shape when he finished and had to be put on a saline drip in the first aid area. James Maskey came in behind him and Jamie Paterson finished just in front of Jeremy Howard. A magnificent feat by all of them and they are all to be congratulated. Some were heard to say at the finish that this had cured them for good until Jeremy arrived and announced he has already entered for next year! This was his 8th marathon, quite fantastic.

The day was finished off with dinner for 23 sitting outside on the terrace at Sina’s, including a fully recovered Joe. A truly magical time was had by all, including the spectators.

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