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Jungfrau Marathon

Jungfrau Marathon 2012


What would the Jungfrau Marathon be without the Jungfrau? You, the Jungfrau and the world famous panorama have made this event a marathon of superlatives – a cult race and the alpine equivalent of the London event. You are running with a complete view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau finishing no ordinary marathon but a unique runners experience . Along the way the scenery keeps changing: The emerald Lake of Brienz contrasts with the icy mountain giants of the region, the sheer rock faces in the Lauterbrunnen Valley with the bubbling waters of the Lütschine and the gnarled stone pines below the Wengernalp with the eternal ice of the majestic Silberhorn. The race starts in Interlaken and finishes way up, below the famous mountains, just above Kleine Scheidegg.  In addition to Lauterbrunnen, the course goes up through Wengen on its way.

As it was the 20th anniversary of the race, the Jungfrau Marathon took place over two days this year. The ladies and older men were due to race on Saturday and the younger men on Sunday, including our boys, but some mad fools did it twice!

It’s a long slog up from Interlaken to above Kleine Scheidegg but the guys all managed it. Will Perrott was the star of the show this year, jogging through Wengen as if he didn’t have a care in the world with his earphones plugged in. He completed the course in 4 hours 27 minutes, which was a very fast time. Will Wells was next, followed by James Maskey, Leo Flindall and Jeremy Howard, who now helps run the Pickle Bar. The two Wills and Leo all raised a lot of money for Myles’ trust while James and Jeremy ran in memory of Myles. He was a friend to all of them.

The weather was gorgeous once again, though the runners probably would have preferred something a little cooler. Michael & Sarah Robinson, Michael & Liz Moore and John Duckett were there to support the runners as well as the Wells, Perrott and Flindall parents, and some siblings, who were very proud of their sons. Poor Leo was rather ill at the end of it all but not so sick that he ended up in the first aid tent like Joe Williamson last year.

In the evening everyone retired to Sina’s for dinner, a little jaded but full of euphoria that the race had been completed. The boys are all to be congratulated on their efforts, it was quite fantastic.

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