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The Myles Trust - Paris Marathon

Paris Marathon


Vicky Tampin runs the Paris Marathon for the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust.

40,000 people have registered to run The Paris Marathon, which takes place on 10 April. It starts up the Champs-Elysées and finishes down the Avenue Foch, running through Bastille, Nation, Vincennes and les Tuileries amongst others.

For the 2011 edition, the 42,195 kilometre course will once again bloom with a long ribbon of multi-coloured and festive activities. The course will thump to the beat of the cadence of the runner’s feet along with the rollicking tunes of nearly 80 orchestras, bands and drummers who will be along the course for two reasons — to help the runners in their long journey and to charge up the ever-increasing number of enthusiastic spectators.

Again this year, their sponsor GDF SUEZ is adding fun and colourful additions to the race, three times, Hard Rock Fanfare at semi-marathon, Tambores Nago at Trocadéro and Ice Cooker at the 41k point.

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Vicky Tampin is running this marathon in aid of The Myles Robinson Memorial Trust. We are extremely grateful to her and should like you to give her as much support as you can.

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