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The Myles Trust - Run To The Beat 2012

Run To The Beat 2012


The Run to the Beat Half Marathon took place on 28 October. It is 13.1 miles long and starts at the O2 Arena. The course takes you round Greenwich, Docklands and the Royal Artillery Barracks before also finishing at the O2. There are a variety of live performances staged throughout the marathon route. Music is what this event is all about. There’s not only a main stage with all the supporters at the start and finish line but there are also many acts around the course to motivate those running to the end.

This year Jack Gallagher took part for the Trust and completed the course, even though he has never run a marathon before. Nice to see him wearing his blue Myles T-shirt. His report:

The training was certainly harder than I expected. As I always wanted to run the half in good time I knew I couldn’t turn up halfcocked on the day with only a couple of big distance runs under my belt, I had to train harder and more regularly than that. It has to be said that work definitely got in the way a bit with the training regime, working late hours and it simply being too cold and miserable for me to venture down the early morning run route. But moaning aside come race day I felt just about as ready as I could be.

On the big day I turned up at what I thought was a decent hour not really expecting a queue for everything from the toilet, to bag drop to the starting point. That aside I got going alright and thankfully not hours after everyone else had left but in a fairly decent throng of runners. Only thing was that the race category I put myself in was a fair bit slower than I was so for the first 4 miles I was ducking and diving, dodging and weaving my way through a bunch of slow coaches which ultimately meant my pace for the first few miles was simply not up to scratch. Fortunately, once I had broken through the slow category, I managed to really find my stride right up until mile marker 10 where my cousin (not even in the race by the way) tried to out run me for half a mile. Needless to say my cousin didn’t stand a chance but I did end up with a nasty stitch that made the last couple of miles that much harder. Despite all that though I put mind over matter and finished in style at a really good speed finishing overall in 1hr 42 (or 1hr 44 by official standards – but I know what time I really did it in).

At the finishing line I had a lovely reception of friends and family waiting for me whereupon I was whisked away to a well-deserved meal and a pint (my first in over a month). Overall I was really happy with my time, aiming originally to beat 1hr 50 at best. The weather on the day was fine, not too hot nor too cold and I honestly feel like the experience has spurred me on to push for the full marathon in time to come.

Here’s to Myles!

If you would still like to sponsor Jack, please click on the ‘donate’ tab at the top. Make sure you say you are supporting him – under ‘Additional Details’.

Jack was a Day Steward at Wimbledon with Myles.

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