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The Myles Trust - Jungfrau Marathon

The Jungfrau Marathon


The Jungfrau Marathon, which takes place in September each year, is one of the best known mountain marathons in the world, in full view of the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains in the Bernese Oberland area of the Swiss Alps. The first marathon was held in 1993 and there are now approximately 3,500 runners from 35 countries.

The course starts in Interlaken and climbs 5,960 feet (1,823 m) in elevation to the finish at Kleine Scheidegg. It goes through Zweilütschinen, on to the Lauterbrunnen valley and then up through Wengen to Eigergletscher before finishing at Kleine Scheidegg.The first 10 km of the course is flat. From there the course heads upward, reaching the highest point of 7,234 feet (2,205 m) around the 40 km point (Eigergletscher). The last kilometre to Kleine Scheidegg is a steep downhill.

The 2010 Jungfrau Marathon is on 11 September and 4 brave souls are taking part to raise money for The Myles Robinson Memorial Trust. We hope you will give them as much support as you can. They are:

Jeremy Howard, James Maskey, Johnny Moore & Joe Williamson

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Cara Robinson’s spectator report:

On Friday 11 September, a band of supporters made their way out to Wengen (some had arrived earlier in the week) to support the group of runners that would be attempting the course of the Jungfrau Marathon the following day. Cara was amongst the group that flew out on the Friday evening, and despite a tight journey to make the last train up from Lauterbrunnen, was surprisingly pleased to be back in Wengen.

They awoke on Saturday 12 September, Marathon Day (feeling much more relaxed than the runners I’m sure!) to the cloudless blue skies of what was a beautiful Swiss mountain village in the summer – green, green grass, wooden chalets and all the cows with their loud bells on! Unfortunately the spectators were unable to get down to Lauterbrunnen in time to make the team come through that stage (except for Laura, Johnny’s girlfriend, who had gone with the group all the way to the start line in Interlaken). They first saw the runners in Wengen village; Joe and his girlfriend, Pippa, came running past first at great speed looking like very comfortable, next was Johnny Moore, closely followed by James Maskey, both happy to see us. They then saw both Johnny and James run past Chalet Traumli (the Moore’s home) before the spectators took the train up to Kleine Scheidegg to watch all the runners (except for Joe and Pippa who had already completed the course before they got there!) come through the finish line: Johnny, James and Jeremy – congratulations to all of you.

It was a truly remarkable day to see these friends climb up mountainous terrain, a particularly challenging course, to raise money for Myles’ Trust. And despite everything that took place in Wengen over Christmas, it was amazingly peaceful to be back in the village that will now forever be Myles’ spiritual home.

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