The Myles Trust - Royal Cinque Ports 2012

This year’s Deal Week was again a great success and the sun managed to shine for most of the week making it most enjoyable for all concerned. Michael played in the Downs with his nephew, Jamie Gold, but they were beaten in the third round by Cara’s boyfriend, Ollie Banks and his partner, Max Williams, who succumbed in the next round to Gaches and Thompson, two young RCPGC members, who went on to win the competition.

As before, The Myles Robinson Trophy was presented to the best father and son pairing in the Downs and went to the same pair as last year, Peter and James Hedges, who were the beaten finalists. They won their semi-final against the other last father and son pairing in the tournament, 82 year old Bill Tillman and his son, Adam. This was no mean feat on Bill’s part who had to play 5 matches over three days, something someone a lot younger would be hard pressed to do.

Michael and Myles were the first father and son to win the competition and the trophy was organised by John Munro.

The top picture is James and Peter having won the trophy. The second picture shows Bill Tillman, who collected the trophy on the Hedges’ behalf, as they sadly could not be there, with John Munro on the left and Michael on the right.

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