The Myles Trust - Royal Cinque Ports

August was one of Myles’ favourite times of the year with many hours spent down at his grandmother’s house at St Margaret’s Bay in Kent and golf at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club (RCPGC) in Deal. He would practice for hours and his favourite time was the open ‘Deal Week’ held in the week running up to the August Bank Holiday weekend.

There are many competitions during Deal Week and Myles has in the past won the strokeplay singles competition, the Invicta Challenge Cup, played over two medal rounds – no mean feat. However, one of his proudest moments came in 2009 when he entered the Downs Challenge Cup, a foursomes competition (for the non-golfers among you, you enter in pairs and play alternate shots), with his father, Michael. He reached the final with his cousin, Hamish, a few years ago but this was the first time he had played with his father and they won the competition, the first time it has ever been done by a father and son. Both Michael and Myles were extremely proud of their historic achievement.

As a result of their efforts and the fact that Myles was a popular member of RCPGC, it was decided by the club that they would do something in Myles’ honour in Deal Week. Because the week is so packed with competitions and it was difficult to include another, it was decided that a trophy would be bought by ‘those who miss him’ (engraved on the bottom of the cup just above the plinth), called The Myles Robinson Trophy, and presented to the best father and son in the Downs competition. Should the last two pairs go out in the same round a formula has been worked out to decide the winner.

In 2010, the winning father and son were Alan and Jamie Taylor from Ashford Golf Club. Alan has attended Deal Week for many years and plays off 7. This year was the first time his son, Jamie, has come and he loved it so much he intends to come back again. He played off 12. Whilst they did not emulate Michael and Myles, they did reach the semi-finals and were beaten by the eventual winners of the competition. It is their intention to come back next year to defend the trophy, which now sits proudly in the RCPGC Trophy Cabinet.

The trophy was arranged by John Munro, who made a special trip to The Silver Vaults in London to buy it, and was presented by Michael

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