The Myles Trust - Sophie Goes To Ghana

As you may have read, Myles spent part of his Gap Year in Ghana, teaching children how to play football. Sophie decided that she would like to follow in his footsteps so is off to Ghana herself, with her sister Lily, Moz (Sophie Morrison) and Samps (Emma Sampson) on 12 July, returning on 5 August.

Sophie has even borrowed the same backpack that Myles used for the trip. In addition, Sophie has designed a flag, which she will take out to Ghana along with all Myles’ old football shirts.

Her report:

On 12 July 2010 Sophie, Lily, Moz and Samps set out on their Ghana adventure. This was something they had been planning for most of the year. Sophie had been put in touch with twins John and James Dzandza, Myles’ friends who have now set up their own volunteering company. Their plan was to work in an orphanage for two weeks and to travel around Ghana for the other two weeks.

John and James were amazing hosts, they took them everywhere – visiting the places Myles did five years ago on his gap year. They travelled along the Cape Coast, walked up the forest to the greatest waterfall, trekked the national park and walked the canopy walk. They also rocked Big Millie’s backyard like Myles did and danced in some of Ghana’s finest clubs – where Myles lost the camera he had, which explains why Sophie saw very few photos of his trip!

The highlight of their trip had to be visiting the football grounds where, on every evening, boys of all ages go for their football training. It was here that they met the football coaches Myles assisted when he was there on his gap year. They played football with the U14s team, who have had a really successful season, and it was this team to whom they presented Myles’ 11 football shirts.

The trip was incredible, just being in a country which Myles loved so much, and doing the things he did was very comforting and an awesome adventure too. They have made their mark in Ghana leaving behind t shirts, wristbands and a flag. The flag is something that Sophie designed especially for the trip and it has since flown on many occasions. The Myles Robinson Memorial Trust has definitely crossed continents! Here’s to many more trips back!

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