The Myles Trust - Wengen Rugby

Last year, shortly after Myles was found, his English and Irish friends in the resort got together and organised a rugby match in Wengen in his memory on New Year’s Day. This year they did it again, England v Ireland, on the bottom of the nursery slopes, close to the Ice Bar. Myles’ memory was very much alive and many of his friends took part.

There was a huge turnout with the English team starting with God Save the Queen. It was supposed to be touch rugby, the ground was really hard, and the boys seemed to enjoy it. The Irish team was captained by Patrick Walsh, with Will Bryant heading up the English team, that is until he fell down the stairs of the Blue Monkey the night before and cut his hands.

The Irish won, but it was noted that the referee was Irish! However, Ben Clarke (ex England player who is a friend of many, including the Robinson family) has been elected to referee the match next year (though he doesn’t know about it yet!) so maybe things might change. Karl Näpflin has agreed to put up a winners’ board in his Ice Bar and next year Wengen Tourism will put the fixture in its diary.

A great time was had by all and the weather was fantastic. The winners received the Myles Robinson Memorial Cup, which was presented by Myles’ aunt (his parents and sister weren’t there this year) Diane Paterson and has been donated by Donal Coyle, the self styled ‘President’ of the Wengen Rugby Club….

The drinks were on the Irish!

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