The Myles Trust - Wimbledon

Myles worked for four years at Wimbledon as a Day Steward and used to enjoy his time there enormously. He made many friends, amongst both the Day Stewards and the Honorary Day Stewards, and lots of them came to his Memorial Service and wrote to the family. It had been agreed some time ago that there would be a ‘Camp Out’ on Friday 25th June at Wimbledon. Myles always referred to the ‘Happy Campers’ and loved rushing up and down the queue in his golf buggy.

He even had to go for buggy training the first time, a bit of a laugh when he had used them many times before on the golf course! Alice Dunn, with the help of Skip McMullan (who is in charge of the Day Stewards), was the prime mover behind the camp out and many of the stewards, both old and new, bought T-shirts in memory of Myles and his Trust. They had a great evening with many memories of Myles and the times they had with him there.

The picture with Myles was taken in 2009, when Myles and some of the other stewards happened to be at Wimbledon on the middle Sunday when Roger Federer walked by.

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