2012 Bursaries

Bursaries have been awarded to:


Franklina Owusu-Brobbey

The Myles Trust - 2012 BursariesFranklina is 18 and comes from Dagenham in Essex. She lives with her parents and two sisters and has some family in Ghana who she has been to visit on a family trip. She has just finished her A levels and completed the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. She hopes to go to university in 2013 to study biochemistry.

This time last year she was unsure on what course to study and became very interested in Raleigh’s programme as it gave her the opportunity to work with those less fortunate and also gain invaluable experience in an unfamiliar environment. She later found out about the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust and their bursary scheme and was pleased to accept their very kind gift towards her visit to Costa Rica and Nicaragua in October 2012. Without this donation she may have been unable to reach her target sum. She has always been interested in charitable work and now has the opportunity to experience a new culture and meet new people.

She enjoys a wide range of sports such as athletics and swimming and recently went to the Public Schools Fencing Championships where she reached the last 16 in all weapons. In her spare time she volunteers at her local care home

After her award, Franklina said the following to the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust
I’d just like to say thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity and I hope to make a difference when I go and come back to tell you all about it!

Franklina came back in December 2012 : Her country programme manager said: Frankie was a real pleasure to have on expedition. I feel she will take a lot from her Raleigh experience and put it to effective use in her life back home. Frankie is an intelligent young woman and I am sure that if she sets her mind to something she will achieve it. I feel she will continue to be a proactive and motivated person and, with a little more self belief, I have no doubt she will achieve her goals. Frankie has had an excellent expedition and I wish her all the best for the future.

Franklina worked on the second of the water projects that the Trust has funded in Nicaragua and wrote the following on her return.

At first I was a bit scared and apprehensive about meeting so many new people. Initially I went to live and work in a community in Los Loros, northern Nicaragua. I worked on the water project and as part of the second phase we worked on building trenches and laying down pipes to help provide running water for the locals. When we left after 3 weeks half of the houses in the community had running water! The families that we stayed with were so kind and caring and they did not want to stop helping us, it was amazing. Even though it was a lot of hard work, it was so rewarding and made long days in the blazing sun seem like a doddle!

For next phase, myself and 14 other people walked approximately 250km from Miraflor to Momotombo. I normally enjoy physical activity and during these 3 weeks I was really pushed to my limits. There are often times when you want to stop walking but then you look behind you and see how far you’ve walked and how little you have until the end of the day and you just keep your head down and continue. The views were terrific, we were able to watch the sunrise in some amazing places, passing through communities and met some of the most remarkable people who didn’t even know us but would give us their homes to stay in for the night and their food, despite not having what we could consider as everything. Once I came back I realised how fit I’d become and how much I enjoyed this particular phase and the whole Raleigh expedition. I have to say it was by far my favourite as I got to know the people in my group so much better because I spent all day, every day with them and they were amazing with motivating myself and the others when we were faced with long periods of ascent and descent and the sense of achievement that I gained was wonderful because fencing is very much a one man’s game and knowing that you’ve achieved so much with other people was amazing.

I would just like to thank the Myles Robinson Trust for their contribution to the best 7 weeks of my life. I chose community and adventure phases and I did not regret it for a single minute, I wish I could have done the project for longer!

Rebecca Atkinson

The Myles Trust - 2012 BursariesBecca is 21, comes from Leicestershire and lives with her parents. She was working full-time at Zara training to be a visual merchandiser and has gone to Nicaragua and Costa Rica this summer (2012).

Becca’s main sporting interest throughout the past years has been dance. She has danced from the age of 6 up until 18 years old, taking exams, performing shows and taking part in festival competitions. As well as improving her confidence, dancing encouraged her to make more friends and taught her the importance of everybody working together. She still keeps in touch with the friends she made whilst dancing and watches their shows every year.

Without a bursary, she feels that the cost for taking part in a Raleigh expedition would have been too much for her to afford. Although she worked full-time, she was still in her training period and therefore was being paid accordingly. She would like to feel as though she has achieved something in a country which she wouldn’t ordinarily visit, and to know that she’s helped in some sort of way, through living and working alongside the local people. She loves working with and meeting new people and taking part in a Raleigh expedition would benefit and support her in a huge amount of ways. Her personal objectives involve learning skills in leadership as well as teamwork and improving her self-confidence.

Rebecca sent the following to the Trust on her return at the end of September 2012:

I am writing to thank you again for the generous donation you made towards my fundraising target to go on the Raleigh International expedition to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It made such a difference to me.

I had such an amazing experience, I challenged myself in so many ways and learnt so much about myself and what I am capable of. The projects I worked on were well organised and worthwhile, and it was a really good way to see the countries living and working with the people in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Since being on Raleigh I have a lot more confidence and belief in myself, and I have learnt to take advantage of every opportunity and make the most of it. Raleigh has been the best experience of my life so far and it exceeded my expectations!

Thank you so much again for your donation.


Jed Pattie

The Myles Trust - 2012 BursariesJed is 17 (he will be 18 in October), comes from Spittalfield, a small village in Scotland and lives with his mother. He has just finished at Blairgowrie High School in Perthshire. He plans to go to university next year (2013) where he might go on to do outdoor pursuits management or environmental science and outdoor education (including mountain leadership). He is going to Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the summer of 2012.

He recently did his Highers and managed to find time to do some fundraising towards the trip even though his mother is unwell and unable to help. He is very interested in the whole global situation and wants to help before going on to decide what he wants to do in life. He is very keen to learn to work as part of a team and take more control of his actions.

He is a very active individual, enjoying a wide range of sports from snowboarding to boxing. Now he feels like helping others who have not had these chances. He wants to go on this expedition to Costa Rica and Nicaragua as he feels it’s a life changing experience which will benefit him greatly, as well as helping the community and its people in which he will be working hard in to make a difference.

Jed sent the following on his return at the end of September 2012

The Myles Trust - 2012 BursariesDear Myles Robinson Memorial Trust

Thank you so much for your amazing donation. It made the world of difference to me, making it much more financially viable for me to go. I have had the best time of my life so far on my expedition to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It really opened my eyes to world and what is out there and what I am possible of. I loved meeting all the other venturers on expedition and made so many really good friends which I’m definitely going to be keeping in touch with. I have achieved a new attitude from going on Raleigh to get up and do it! Not to just laze around and see what happens. Since I’ve got home I’m straight back into my job as a waiter but have been applying for apprenticeships and jobs and universities all over the place to get my life moving. Going on Raleigh helped me to decide what path I want to take in life and now I can’t wait to get on with it. I have also benefited by Raleigh providing me with great life skills – such as teamwork – which again makes my prospects for the future even better. Thank you again for your donation, and allowing me to go and have the time of my life.

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