Kampung Lakang, Borneo 2016

May 2016 update

The Community Learning Centre is complete!

The community are extremely grateful for this project and recognise how the Centre can help provide better futures for both them and their children.

The new Community Learning Centre makes it possible for the community to achieve their vision of having a space to celebrate, preserve and educate about the unique culture of Lakang; as a space for women to come together and work; and a space to gather, discuss and to make decisions that affect not just this community but also the surrounding communities. More than all this, the CLC is a space for the children to learn and the adults to keep learning.

An official opening ceremony was held on 17 April and attended by a range of community members, the Director of PACOS, representatives from Raleigh Borneo and the volunteer teams that had worked on the project.

March 2016 update

The project aims to provide access to pre-school and adult education and opportunities for community capacity building for the community of Kampung Lakang in Sabah. Through working alongside the Dusun population and the Partners of Community Organisations Sabah Trust (PACOS), construction of the Community Learning Centre has commenced.

The centre will provide a safe learning and supportive environment for local children and adults and is a critical entry point for reaching the needs of children 2-6 years, before they reach school. The centre will also be used as an area to bring the community together for village meetings and discussions where decisions can be made which will affect the entire community.

The team understand that building the Community Learning Centre will require a lot of community support and are making an effort to engage with everyone in the village. Community members with valuable skills are being identified, so that workshops can be organised for these skills to be taught to the rest of the village, particularly the younger generation. The Community Learning Centre will mean the next generation of Dusun in Kampung Lakang will have more options and opportunities in and around their local area. It will help empower and support them in sustaining their heritage and local development for the future.

On behalf of everyone at Raleigh, thank you very much to The Myles Trust for your support of this project.

The building of the new community learning centre has begun

The building of the new community learning centre has begun








We propose to fund the building of a Community Learning Centre at Kampung Lakang, Paitan located in the Pitas district, north Sabah, Borneo.

The kampung (village) is located within one of the poorest regions of Sabah. The community is rural and remote and transportation is relatively expensive for most. It has 62 houses and 489 inhabitants with approximately 30 children under six years of age.

Kampung Lakang has been identified as the benefactor community following an assessment by Raleigh’s project partner, PACOS. The nearest pre-school for 3 – 5 year olds is 1.5 hours walk away therefore few children from Kampung Lakang attend this school.

The community also need a centre where they can organise classes for lifelong learning such as organic farming and craft making and the village youths also need a venue to meet up for community related activities.

Raleigh’s project partner, PACOS, is near to completing training of two pre-school teachers/ community organisers and the location of the construction has been agreed.

Raleigh are planning further planning visits by the end of January with construction planned to commence in mid-February 2016.

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