2011/12 Bursaries were awarded to Tashan Veal and Charlotte Poole


Latest news August 2012

Tashan has been a fantastic inspiration to the new cohort of young people now attending the Snow-Camp London course. He continues to push himself and his skiing technique and knowledge and really works well with all the instructors at Hemel Snow Centre and helps support the young people who are learning. He has been invaluable on a number of occasions when Snow-Camp have needed help with more difficult young people and he has taken them and taught them one on one, giving them attention and teaching them the basics of skiing. He is an enthusiastic member of the youth volunteer team and will always try and help out wherever possible.

Tashan has grown in confidence and aspiration over the year, and has recently been successful in applying for work in the retail sector, another very positive step. He now fits Snow-Camp around his new rota at work and he is learning a lot about work / life balance! Tashan said recently ‘It’s been such a fantastic opportunity for me and I can’t believe what I’ve been able to achieve in a year with Snow-Camp. It’s not been an easy journey to get to this point and sometimes I thought I wouldn’t make it – but I’m a level 1 instructor, no one else in my area can say that! I’ll always be grateful to Snow-Camp and the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust, without them I wouldn’t have been able to take up skiing and achieve so much. It’s given me so much confidence in other areas of my life as well – which I didn’t expect to happen. It’s been so rewarding to be able to tell my story to the new beginners and show them what is possible in one year ’

Charlotte (Charlie) continues to get support from her youth centre and youth worker after a challenging year personally. St Andrews Youth Club report that she continues to help out at the youth centre, and recently ran a graffiti sessions for some of the other young people who attend – this went well and helped her see she has a lot to offer. Charlie still struggles with self esteem and confidence though, and continues to receive medical support and advice, but she said she feels that she is progressing and really hopes to attend a Snow-Camp course again soon – which of course we will encourage her to do when the time is right. When we caught up with her Charlie said ‘I know I didn’t get as far as I would have liked with snowboarding, but without the support of Snow-Camp and the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust, I wouldn’t have even been introduced to it. I’m feeling better each week and hope to get back into snowboarding soon – It made me feel good about myself and I felt I could achieve a lot through snowsports – I will keep trying and I am grateful for all the support.’


Tashan Veal

17, from Brixton – Skier

Tashan first came to Snow-Camp back in 2009 and since Snow-Camp restructured their programme journey he has been really keen to go all the way through the programmes and qualify as a ski instructor. He is a fantastic and passionate skier who is always looking forward to getting on the slopes and working hard to improve his skiing technique.

Unfortunately his youth project, Roupell Park, had its funding cut after his first involvement, and no support was available for him to achieve his goal. This situation was discussed with staff from Roupell Park and Snow-Camp considered the huge benefits to Tashan of this opportunity if they could provide it for him. He stood out as a young person who was dedicated and keen to take opportunities to improve himself, and who could see instantly the opportunity that skiing could offer him. He asked lots of questions in the life-skills sessions, is a natural skier, and would be capable of achieving his qualification with the support he could be offered through a second bursary.

When Snow-Camp spoke to Tashan about the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust funding him through the programmes he was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe he was being given this fantastic opportunity. He said that without the funding he doesn’t think he would have been able to continue skiing as it’s an expensive sport to take part in, but something he loves doing. He said he couldn’t thank the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust enough and was going to make sure he passed his level 1 instructor qualification and not let them down.


Charlotte Poole

16, from Westminster – Snowboarder

Charlie was introduced to Snow-Camp and snowboarding through St Andrew’s Youth club in Westminster, which has been a great support network for her through some very difficult times. She is now volunteering for them and runs an art class once a week as well as attending to socialise.

Charlie has been fantastic on the course and she continues to push herself and work hard with the instructors every week to achieve the next level. She is so determined to keep going with her snowboarding and has said that without the help of the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust she wouldn’t have been able to. She said she’s really excited about the opportunity and can’t wait to complete her level 1 Snowsport England qualification and then be able to teach other young people and encourage them to take up the sport. She said one of her new goals is to work a winter season in the Alps, after Snow-Camp Graduate programme introduced her to the idea through a series of talks from people within the snowsport industry.

She said she cannot thank the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust enough for this amazing opportunity and wants to achieve her goals so she can give something back to young people like the Trust has done for her.

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