2012/13 Bursaries have been awarded to Cain Haidarah and Mabinty Bangura, and latterly to Sammy Amiri when Mabinty had to drop out.

May update

Cain and Sammy went to Pila in the Aosta Valley in Italy, the first time either of them had been to the mountains and a big change from their urban inner city environments. The week was filled with blue skies, great snow and inspirational young.

The course had 22 Excel Trainee Youth Instructors working hard to gain their 20 hours shadowing experience for their Snowsport England Level 1 qualification. The individuals were involved in supporting both Snow-Camp and other school groups in their lessons on the slopes. Cain and Sammy both successfully passed these hours and were looking forward to the last two sessions at Hemel Snow Centre for their final assessments.

On returning to England, both Sammy and Cain completed their Snowsport England Level 1 course at the beginning of May. It has been an incredible 12 weeks, whereby the group have been determined to support each other to complete the course. All the Excel group are able to secure employment in the summer through Snow-Camp by teaching the new groups of students on Snow-Camp London during the summer holidays. They are also able to apply for the new Snow-Camp apprenticeship.


Cain Haidarah

18, Bellingham – Snowboarding

Cain has come so far over the 12 week Excel programme. He is someone that is always polite and puts 110% into everything he is involved in. Cain has supported his peers and students to a high level through his determination, commitment and enthusiasm shown throughout the programme. It has been a real pleasure supporting his development both on and off the slopes.

From Cain

I would like to thank the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust for believing in me so that I could become a Snowboard instructor. This time last year I never even thought of a career in the snow sports industry until I became part of Snow-Camp; completing each of the courses I have learnt a lot and have gained a lot of skills that are very transferable to everyday life and could help me in the future wherever I go. I have really improved my technique over the course and learnt how I can continue to improve on my teaching skills on the slope. Snow-Camp has had such a huge positive impact on my life and I really don’t want this experience to end. I am now motivated to apply for the Snow-Camp Snowsports Apprenticeship and this is thanks to the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust. I cannot express how happy I am that you gave me this bursary!


Sammy Amiri

18, Lambeth –  Skier

Sammy has progressed his skiing and has taken on a leadership role with in the ski group. He is someone that knows he needed to study and do additional reading as teaching didn’t come naturally to him at first. With this additional effort he really started to shine out in Italy. With his group he could witness the impact of his involvement by supporting the groups and watching their development. Feedback from all Interski staff is that Sammy is a great motivator to the younger students and that all the children really enjoyed his fun style of delivery.

From Sammy

Thanks to the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust for giving me this bursary. I can now say I am a ski instructor which makes me really happy. You helped me get to where I am and I really appreciate the support you have shown to me. I have learnt so much about myself, such as being patient when you are teaching someone a new skill. I loved being out in Italy, the mountains were so big and I can now say I can ski down a black slope which I never thought I could do. It was an amazing experience. I’m looking forward to volunteering in the summer, teaching the younger groups who were like me last year. Thanks for believing in me!
March update


Sammy Amiri

Sammy Amiri is a skier who got involved through his Youth Centre, Alford House, which is based in Lambeth. Sammy is currently unemployed and comes from a single parent family living with his father. Snow-Camp have said it has been a pleasure having him on the course as he turns up each week and gives his all to the sessions. Sammy is someone who is always looking out for his peers and has a very supportive personality. He is beginning to develop his own unique instructing style, through his confidence to explain things succinctly.


Cain and Mabinty both successfully completed the Graduate Programme back in December 2012, which consisted of 6 sessions developing their riding on the slopes as well as talks from industry specialists to inspire the group. This was combined with life-skills sessions to get individuals reflecting on their learning and development.

Cain is very confident in his own riding ability and is always there to support others who need some guidance; he is going to make a fantastic instructor. Mabinty continued to progress, although was sometimes less confident in her abilities despite the instructors at Hemel saying she has huge promise. Sadly, though, Mabinty has had to recently drop out of the programme because she has been ill and she wrote to us – see below.

In early February the Excel Youth Instructor Programme was launched, with two full days at Hemel Snow Centre and in mid February the group took part in a snowsports specific first aid course, followed by a Safeguarding Child Protection course, both essential for teachers. During the first session the group got the opportunity to practice their teaching skills on their peers on the slope. The course continues until 6 April, when the group will travel to Pila, Italy, to undertake 20 hours of shadowing instructors with Interski. This will be a fantastic opportunity for Cain to learn more about the ski industry and to put into practice what he has learnt at Hemel. He will be involved in advanced lessons during the week. On return from Italy the group will have two further sessions at Hemel for Pre Assessment and their full assessment day, which is when they will find out if they have passed or not. As you can see they have an exciting few months ahead!

After she had to leave the programme, Mabinty sent the following:

Getting involved with Snow-Camp has been a great experience and I really wish I could continue, but sadly I can’t because of my Sickle Cell disease, from which I have suffered for many years. At the start of the course, I didn’t notice any problems, but as I improved and spent more and more time on the snow, after each session my bones would really hurt.

I was having to take time off college on Mondays to recover from snowboarding at the weekend, due to the sharp shooting pains my body was suffering. After the last two weekends it took quite a few days to feel well again and my doctor thinks I am pushing too hard and advised me to stop for now.

I’m so disappointed. This was a fantastic opportunity and I am really grateful and thankful for all the support you have given me. Snow-Camp has really helped me in developing my confidence and given me the opportunities to develop new skills and meet new people. These are experiences I will carry with me forever.

I never thought I would ever get the chance to snowboard but Snow-Camp and the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust have given me an opportunity that most people my age won’t ever get, which I will be forever grateful for.

I only hope that one day I will be able to give it a go again, especially now I know how to do it. I’m sorry as I feel I have let you down, but if there was any way I could continue I would do anything to make this possible. Thank you very much for all your support.


Cain Haidarah

18, from Lewisham

Cain found out about Snow-Camp at the start of the summer through the Bellingham and Gateway Youth Centre, which he has been a member of since he was 14. He lives in Bellingham with his grandmother, so that he has a stable base to allow him to go to college to re-take all his GCSE’s. He missed out on gaining any qualifications at school as he was constantly moving around the country because of his mother’s job. This shows how determined Cain is to succeed in life, by being self-motivated to get a place at college and stick at it. The youth centre did not have any funding to support Cain and so he is very thankful to the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust for providing him with this fantastic opportunity.

On receipt of his award, Cain sent the following:

I’ve discovered that snowboarding is a great sport, and is a big part of my life now. I couldn’t have done it without the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust as I would have never have got this wonderful opportunity to become an instructor. I feel I have mastered the basics of snowboarding now and I’m loving every minute of it. Snow-Camp have fantastic youth instructors who help me and I can’t wait to be like them. I’ve achieved so much more than I thought I would. Thanks very much.


Mabinty Bangura

17, from Peckham

Mabinty found out about Snow-Camp early on in 2012, through her Key Worker who she meets on a weekly basis. She is one of the few young people that arrive at Snow-Camp through a direct referral from a Key Worker. The first time it was mentioned to Mabinty she turned the place down as she had never ever thought someone from her area could learn and be involved in snowboarding. Her Key Worker kept talking about the benefits of being involved in Snow-Camp and gave her the support she needed to give it a go in the summer. She absolutely loved the experience and couldn’t believe that she almost missed out. Mabinty currently lives with her father in Peckham and would not have been able to afford to do the course without a bursary from the Myles Robinson Memorial Trust.

On receipt of her award, Mabinty sent the following:

I would like to say many thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to learn to snowboard. I never thought I would ever get the chance to try snow sports. You have really changed my life with this opportunity and I believe I can do anything if I put my mind to it. This opportunity has also already made me more confident in myself. My snowboarding is improving each week, I have been working on my C turns and S turns which I have successfully achieved, and I have now moved on to the bigger slope. I’m really proud of myself, so once again thank you for making this possible. I am more than grateful!

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